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The world is eagerly awaiting lab-on-a-chip (LOAC) technology to deliver its full potential, bringing many promised benefits in the field of medical diagnostics. The innovative EFADchip® Platform paves the way to point-of-care diagnostics.
"We believe EFADchip® technology is expected to revolutionize the practice of clinical diagnostics..." Frost & Sullivan, 2009
Overcoming obstacles that dogged previous efforts, Hai Kang Life has rolled out a novel chip that binds target DNA strands and coats them with nanoparticles for identification. Hai Kang Life "beat the competition in developing a DNA chip for rapid diagnoses."Science Vol. 332
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  • Hong Kong Biotech Horizon 2017, November 22-25, 2017

  • Science reported on the EFADchip® detection Platform, the break through innovation and commercialized application of Lab-on-a-chip.

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