Core Research Team


Xiaowei SHI, PhD   Assistant Chief Scientific Officer - Focus on Clinical Testing

Dr. Xiaowei Shi is a biologist graduated from the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences with a PhD degree in developmental biology. Currently he is a post-doctoral fellow jointly trained by HKLife and Capital Medical University. At HKLife, he is leading the clinical validation and sample preparation of HKLife’s diagnostic platform.


Yufen GUO, MSc   Project Manager - Focus on EFADchip® Development

Ms. Yufen Guo is a molecular biologist and graduated from China Agricultural University with a Master’s degree in molecular plant pathology. She joined HKLife as a Project Manager in 2011 and is currently responsible for the process development of HKLife’s diagnostic platform.



Bai-Liang HE, PhD   Research Scientist - Focus on EFADchip® & BioRadar Process Validation

Dr. Bai-Liang He graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2015 with a PhD degree in Medical Sciences. He had been major focusing on the identification of novel prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for human blood cancers using in vitro cell culture, primary patient samples and zebrafish and mouse in vivo model. He joined HKLife in 2018, serving as a Post-Doctoral Researcher, and focused on the process validation of EFADchip® & BioRadar. 



Iris HO, BSc   Chip Production Leader - Focus on Chip Production

Ms. Iris Ho is a chemical engineer graduated from Guangdong University of Technology. Before joining HKLife in 2015, she worked in several globally renowned manufacturing enterprise such as Philips, NXP Semiconductors and Johnson Electric which equipped her with proficient technical and management skills in a production line. Currently as a production manager, she is responsible for the preparation and production of EFADchip®. 



Timothy HO, PhD   Research Scientist - Focus on Testing Kit Production

Dr. Timothy Ho is a biochemist graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong with Master’s and PhD degrees in biochemistry, biopsychiatry and phytochemistry. He holds two pending patents, obtained during his PhD training. After his PhD, he continued as a postdoctoral researcher. At HKLife, he is responsible for process validation and stability testing of HKLife’s diagnostic platform.



Zhiyan HU, MSc  Engineer  - Focus on BioRadar Engineering Design and Validation

Ms. Zhiyan Hu is a mechanical engineer, and graduated from China University of Mining and Technology with a Master’s degree in Mechanical design theory. She has rich experience in non - standard equipment design and is currently responsible for BioRadar design and process validation.



Wanying LI, PhD  Post-Doctoral Researcher  - Focus on Liquid Biopsy Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer

Dr. Wanying Li is a biologist. She graduated from China Agricultural University with a PhD degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. She published one research article during her doctoral studies and she is holding one patent on maize silk-specific ZmbZIP25 promoter. At HKLife, she works as a research scientist and participates in the development of HKLife’s diagnostic platform.



Wei LIU, MSc   Assistant R&D Manager - Focus on Research Management 

Ms. Wei Liu obtained a Master’s degree of phytomolecular pathology in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. She has plenty of experience in project management and scientific writing. She joined HKLife in 2014, currently is appointed as research manager. She assists the Chief Scientific Officer in project management and file documentation.



Xiangxin SUN, MSc   Project Manager - Focus on Sample Preparation Methodology

Mr. Xiangxin Sun acquired his Master degree in Military Academy of Medical Sciences China. During the period of postgraduate study, he focused on the molecular biology and virology. Before joining HKLife, he worked in several IVD company as program manager. He is familiar with 13485 quality management system, as well as the CFDA medical device registration procedures. He joined HKLife in 2018, serving as a project manager, and focused on the development of the automatic protocol for clinical sample preparation.



Shuangyan WANG, MSc   Project Manager - Focus on NASBA Technology

Ms. Shuangyan Wang graduated from the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012 with a master's degree in molecular biology. She joined HKLife in 2012 and has been involved in the research and development of multiple enzymes, multiple qPCR kit, sample pretreatment and other research projects and product development. Currently, she is responsible for NASBA amplification optimization and probe screening in the chip development project of pneumonia.



Bin YANG, PhD   Project Manager - Focus on Probe Development

Dr. Bin Yang is a biologist and graduated from China Agricultural University with a PhD degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. Trained and experienced in the biosafety evaluation of genetically modified cloned animals, she joined HKLife in 2009 and over the years took up multiple roles ranging from Researcher to Technical Support and Sales Manager. As Project Manager, she oversees the probe development of HKLife’s platform.



Huajian ZHAO, PhD   Post-Doctoral Researcher - Focus on Anti-Microbial Resistance

Dr. Huajian Zhao is a microbiologist. He graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University. After his PhD, he continued as a post-doc in SDSU. He did a lot of research on microbial detection, genome sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis, and he has three published academic papers. Also, he was invited as a reviewer to Archives of Virology several times.


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