Watcher Duck

Technology Platform: Gel-based PCR

Size: 25 Reactions; 50 Reactions;100 Reactions;

Kit Storage: -20°C


For qualitative detection of 12S small subunit ribosomal RNA gene from Anas genus, covering a wide range of animal species such as Anas acuta, Anas americana, Anas capensis, Anas castanea, Anas chlorotis, Anas clypeata, Anas crecca, Anas cyanoptera, Anas discors, Anas erythrorhyncha, Anas falcata, Anas flavirostris , Anas formosa, Anas gracilis, Anas hottentota, Anas laysanensis, Anas luzonica, Anas melleri, Anas penelope, Anas platyrhynchos, Anas poecilorhyncha, Anas querquedula

Kit Components

Duck Mastermix (2 x 275 μl)
Positive Control (1 x 50 μl)
Taq Polymerase (1 x 10 μl)

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