Relatives Identification

Based on the DNA fingerprinting technology, we offer different human identification services to the public, hospital, family doctor, lawyer to deal with the questions of the human identity. E.g. Siblingship can be help to identify the full (same father and same mother) siblingship. Y-chromosome analysis can be used to identify the paternal lineage of 2 males.

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Sibling DNA Testing

Sibling DNA Testing to determine the relationship between two persons is utilized often when the father, mother or other relatives are not available for providing their genetic material for testing. Two modes of testing are possible: namely full-siblingship testing and half-siblingship testing. The former could determine whether the two persons under test have the same parents while the latter could determine whether they share one of the parents.

Grand Parentage Testing

Grand Parentage Testing is another means to prove the relationships between parents and children. In cases when the parents are not available for DNA testing, DNA from the children’s grandparents could be used for this purpose. The principle is that the grandfather, father and the son should possess the same paternal genetic markers as one generation passes the Y-chromosome to the next. Thus, it makes no difference whether we test the father’s or the grandfather’s chromosome to see how well the data matches with that of the children.

Twin zygosity DNA testing

This test could be used to identify whether a pair of twins is identical or fraternal. Identical twins inherit exactly the same genetic material from both parents and their DNA testing result should be the same. If differences are found in the DNA profiles of a pair of twins, it could be concluded that they are fraternal.

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