VetDetect AIV - H5

Technology Platform :Real-time PCR
Size : 25 Reactions; 50 Reactions
Kit Storage :-20°C

For qualitative detection of Avian Influenza Virus subtype H5

Machine Platform : 
For use with real-time cyclers including ABI PRISM® 7000, 7700 and 7900HT; ABI 7300 and 7500; Bio-Rad iCycler™; Stratagene Mx3000P™, Mx3005P™ and Mx4000™; Corbett Research Rotor-Gene™, MJ Research DNA Engine Opticon™, Opticon®2 and Chromo 4™, Cepheid Smart Cycler®

Kit Component
AIV - H5 Mastermix (2 x 500 μl) 
AIV - H5 Positive Control (2 x 25 μl) 
Taq Polymerase (1 x 25 μl)
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