BioRadar System 

Radars monitor, detect, locate, recognize, track and forecast unseen enemies. HKLife’s BioRadar System performs similar functions. HKLife meets and exceeds the WHO’s ASSURED guidelines, by adding on an extra M for Multiplex.

The BioRadar System offers Fast Diagnosis, Rapid Detection, Broad Detection and Cost Reduction.

The BioRadar System is a simple to use diagnostic tool designed for both developed and developing markets, which can perform rapid testing within 1-2 hour.






 WHO's “ASSURED” Criteria 


System Highlight   
    WHO Guideline   Traditional microarray   HKLife EFADchip®  

Sensitive and Specific

Where it’s needed most

  Affordable   Chips: > US$ 600
  Equipment: > US$ 50K
  Chips: < US$50
  Equipment: < US$ 30K

US$25 per test

Can be used where its needed

  Sensitivity   Low sensitive
  Require pre-amplification e.g. PCR
  High sensitive 
  No PCR is required

Fast Results
Within 60 minutes

Drug effectiveness

  Specificity   False positives were reported   Enhanced through EFAD system  

441 targets on a single test

Easy to Manufacture
Simplified design and parts



  Need skillful manipulation
  Rapid   From hours to days   > 1 – 2 hour(s)          
  Equipment Free   Complicated and expensive   Simple automated machine          
   Deliverable   Not feasible
  Require well equipped Lab
  Centralized diagnosis
  Decentralized diagnosis




The BioRadar System meets and exceeds the WHO’s ASSURED guidelines,
by adding on an extra 
M for Multiplex.

The BioRadar System consists of two parts, the BioRadar G Series and thEFADchip®

The consumable EFADchip® is processed and analyzed by the BioRadar - G Series

The BioRadar - G Series is a fully automated modular system, 

which allows sample-in-result-out workflow.

The BioRadar - G Series offers an affordable total solution by molecular detection, with minimal requirements on operators, in either knowledge or hands on time.

The BioRadar - G Series offers complete, user friendly and cost-effective diagnosis.


    The deliverability of BioRadar System achieves the networking of Health Care Big Data among the worldwide. By this Big Data Platform - Health 4.0, It can easily to cope with the problem of data collection, analysis etc, by E-health care system.         

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WHO's “ASSURED” Criteria for the Evaluation of Point-of-Care Devices
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