A Lab-on-a-Chip  is a device that integrates one or several laboratory functions on a single integrated circuit (commonly called a "chip") of only millimeters to a few square centimeters to achieve automation and high-throughput screening

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EFADchip ®

The EFADchip® offers Great Sensitivity, High Specificity, Quantitative Measurement, Fast Detection, Multiplexing and ultimately Cost Savings 

EFAD stands for Electric - Field - Assisted - Diagnostic, which can concentrate target nucleic acids, accelerating detection while DNA Hybridization is accelerated from hours to minutes by this electric field in our EFADchip®. This core technology is protected by 14 worldwide patents from 8 different regions

The EFADchip® has gone through several generations of development, showing HKLife’s commitment to quality.




Infectious Disease
Cancer / Liquid Biopsy
Orphan Disease

HKLife’s EFADchip® and BioRadar - G Series are applicable to any situation requiring the testing or detection of genetic materials. Infectious disease is HKLife’s first priority. Due to its nature, infectious disease has the most urgent need for rapid diagnostics. Current products for paediatric diagnosis in the market are limited. HKLife enables broad diagnosis of fever causing pathogens for children incapable of communicating the reasons for their distress. Early diagnosis of cancer is an enormousmarket, with liquid biopsies revolutionizing the field. Finally, HKLife aims to diagnose orphan diseases, which occur less than 1: 20,000 persons.

Infectious Disease

EFADchip® Pneumonia
The first EFADchip® will diagnose pneumonia. Pneumonia is an acute infection of the lungs and a cause of astronomical healthcare spending. Pneumonia is highly infective, highly transmissible, and annually pneumonia causes 3 million deaths around the world. The EFADchip® Pneumonia rapidly identifies and quantifies the causative agent of pneumonia. Using a broad spectrum of targets, the EFADchip® gives doctors fast comprehensive guidance towards directed and effective treatment.
EFADchip® Blood Banking
Screening of blood for donations in blood banks is required before any donated blood is infused into patients. Annually, there are over 110 million blood donations across the world. Blood donations are screened for 4 pathogens and 2 blood types. There are more pathogens that have the capacity to cause disease. Also, there over 30 different blood types have been described. Rapid enhanced detection of pathogens and blood types in blood donations will make transfusions safer.
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
affect almost 1 in 5 women globally, resulting in approximately 150 million episodes of UTI. HKLife offers rapid species identification together with antimicrobial susceptibility testing, allowing for fast initiation of adequate treatment. Besides these UTI in the community for healthy women, UTI’s are often seen in ICU’s as a complication. Here too a rapid diagnosis will enable doctors to treat patients better with antibiotics.
EFADchip® GI Microbiota
Gastro-Intestinal infections
are one of the leading causes of death worldwide, claiming around 1.5 million lives every year. There is extensive study of the gut microbiota (all bacteria that grow in the digestive tract) and their effect on human health. Several studies have shown relations between certain bacteria and diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Studying the gut microbiota requires a big data approach.
Skin and soft tissue infections
are generally quite treatable, and exist in 2 types: uncomplicated infections and complicated infections, which are caused by more pathogens and often require surgical intervention. Especially these complicated infections prove to be resistant to antibiotic treatment, and are causing more and more patients to seek treatment.
Cancer / Liquid Biopsy
Cancer is a very tough and lethal disease. Early diagnosis of cancer allows better treatment and significantly enhances patient survival, but most of the cases are discovered at late stage. EFADchip® Cancer aims to aid in the rapid diagnosis of cancer. Several pathogens are involved in different cancers: human papilloma virus in cervical cancer, hepatitis viruses and several liver parasites in liver cancer and Epstein Barr virus in nasopharyngeal cancer. Carrier of these pathogens can receive proper medical treatment before the onset of cancer after the diagnosis with the platform.


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