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Corporate Milestone

      Launched new products (Test Kit for detection of Hydatid disease and related parasitic disease, Triple Test Kit for detection of Dengue Fever/Zika/VirusChikungunya Fever Detection, Double Test Kit for detection of H7N9)

      Launched the multiple testing veterinary products
      HkLife became a committee member of the National Committee on Biometrology of China
      HkLife (Beijing) was granted to establish the Postdoctoral Research Workstation

      “NASBA testing device”was granted the Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Investment Fund of Beijing Economic-Technological Development

      Hai Kang Life Corporation is highlighted as an example of a business model that fits well with the Asian
      biotechnology environment.

      Hai Kang Life Corporation featured in Science magazine
      Hai Kang Life Corporation CEO promotes biotech at the BIO International Convention 2012 in Boston
      Hai Kang Life Corporation Chairman promotes Hong Kong biotech
      Hai Kang Life Corporation highlights the features of its EFADchip technology (Electric Field Assisted Diagnostic)

      Healthy career moves
      Chip with a difference

      Hai Kang Life Corporation paternity testing highlighted in new study
      Hai Kang Life Corporation becomes the first HOKLAS accredited lab in China
      Hai Kang Life Corporation announces rapid SARS test kit

      Nobel prize winner joins the board of Hai Kang Life Corporation
      Hai Kang Life Corporation unravels the mysteries of GMO-testing
      Hai Kang Life Corporation Nobel winner urges research funding
      Bird flu payouts too high, say experts
      Official ducks questions on chicken vaccination fears
      Vaccine operation launched to keep bird flu at bay
      Tests detect unknown DNA
      H5N1 and all that
      DNA Dads

      Spotlight on Hong Kong
      Outbreak of chicken flu rattles Hong Kong
      DNA testing could stop H5N1 spread
      New DNA test "Could have detected flu earlier"
      Hai Kang Life Corporation introduces Fast-Track Diagnostics

      New Zealand company protested by Greenpeace for using GM soy to feed chickens
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