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Leadership Team

Prof. Albert YU

(Chairman & Founder)


Dr. Zhaoyang YE

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences, University of Tennessee

B.E. and M.S. in polymer, Zhejiang University

Dr. Ye has more than 10 years’ experience in both academia and industry. He obtained his PhD degree in pharmaceutical science at University of Tennessee and conducted the postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University. His expertise spans materials science & engineering, molecular and cell biology, biotechnology and pharmaceutics. Dr.Ye has more than 60 scientific papers and 4 patents. His work was sponsored by government foundations including National Natural Science Foundation of China. He was served as guest editors and members of editorial boards of many scientific journals and ad hoc reviewers of journals and foundations.


Dr. Jasper Wybe Swierstra

Medical Microbiologist

Ph.D. in Medical Microbiologist in University of Rotterdam, Netherlands

M.S. in Immunity and Infection in University of Utrecht, Netherlands

Dr. Swierstra has a strong background in bacteriology, immunology and antimicrobial resistance. He acquired his Master's degree at University of Utrecht, The Netherlands and was subsequently funded by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) to pursue a PhD at the Erasmus Medical Centre, Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease in Rotterdam. His PhD research successfully identified novel antimicrobials and host pathogen interactions between humans and opportunistic commensal. Dr. Swierstra was jointly awarded the Academic Year Prize for science communication in 2011 by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research NWO. He also has plenty of teaching experience and his teaching subjects at the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam revolve around medical microbiology, immunology and cell biology. At Hai Kang Life, his expertise in medical microbiology and antimicrobial resistance will further help design and develop the pathogen and antibiotic resistance diagnostic platform to advance point-of-care applications.


Tina LIU

(HR & Admin Director)


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