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EFADchip® Platform

Addressing Today’s Global Needs…

 … with EFADchip® technology

Current molecular diagnostic methods are limited by the time taken to complete analysis, the reagents required and the need for skilled technicians to perform the experiments. The technology exists to assist the medical world with rapid diagnostic tools that offer high throughput collection of information. However, this technology has yet to find its way into the doctor’s office.

EFADchip® (Electric Field Assisted Diagnostic chip) technology leverages the Lab-On-a-Chip (LOAC) platform, and was developed as a result of optimizing the device configuration for low cost and use of readily available materials and methods. Existing problems with DNA hybridization in disease detection diagnostics have been addressed with EFADchip®. EFADchip® aims to provide rapid multiplex detection of a combination of diseases using a simple-to-operate process requiring minimal training.

Advantages & Technical breakthroughs

l   Fast: electric field assisted hybridization technology can dramatically reduce hybridization time, and even improve the sensitivity.

n The hybridization efficiency of E-field assisted hybridization at 20 mins is higher than passive hybridization overnight.

n Lack of current in the E-field avoids electrochemical reactions, improving test stability.

l   Affordable: use of a nano-particle detection method, instead of fluorescence,  avoids the use of rare and expensive materials – greatly reducing the cost.

l   User-friendly: Automated operation minimizes human handling time and ensures reliable results; there is no high technical requirement for the operator.

l   Multiplexing: Provides multi-marker detection for single targets to enhance the reliability; provides multiple-detection for a combination of diseases by using a simple-to-operate process.


2009 Best Practices Award- FROST & SULLIVAN












“Hai Kang Life has the competitive edge as it enables its customers to simplify patient care models by allowing diagnosis and treatment to be performed in a single visit, positioning the company as a front runner…”

“We believe EFADchip® technology is expected to revolutionize the practice of clinical diagnostics, providing effective platforms for point-of-care applications focused on personalized medicine. This technology also has the potential to penetrate the market for surveillance of emerging pathogens and diseases”,
—— Frost & Sullivan, 2009

SCIENCE Vol 332 24 JUNE 2011


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Addressing Today’s Global Needs…

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