We are actively looking for talent around the world, for suitable candidate we are able to provide working visa to stay and work with us at our Hong Kong or Beijing office. If you are considering a move from academia to industry, but feel uncomfortable with rigid hierarchies of large companies; or if you are already in the industry, but would prefer to have more of an impact and greater control over the direction of your work; if you are driven and prepared to work in a dynamic startup environment; creative yet systematic; and enjoy inventing and developing high-impact, innovative experimental methods, this may be the right opportunity for you.

You will be a key contributor to directing the technological evolution of the company, you will be solving challenging scientific and technical problems, develop methods for addressing vitally important clinical questions, and collaborate with clinical researchers working on novel therapeutics and methods of disease screening and prevention.

If this sounds like you, apply today via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a covering letter detailing why you feel you would be suitable for this position.




如果这听起来像你,那么今天就通过This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.申请吧,并请附上一封求职信详细说明为什么你觉得自己适合这个职位。


R&D position (R&D Associate, Research Scientists, Senior Research Scientists)

About the job
You will work with the CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) as a key member of the team, and you will best utilize your scientific expertise focusing on:

  • lead and drive designated experimental plans for an innovative molecular diagnostic device : from design, implementation to output, supervise progress and aid in troubleshooting; and contribute to the ultimate success as planned;
    • evaluate, optimize, and validate formulations and methodologies
    • manage design, measurement, and analysis of results, for regulatory compliance
    • develop, track and manage detailed development program timelines, resources and budget allocations, deliverables and milestone progress;
    • maintain and evaluate analysis;
  • present research reports that communicate the research ideas, and recommendations
  • manage ad hoc projects as assigned.

Ideally, you should be/possess:

  • PhD Degree with training in molecular biology, microbiology, analytical chemistry, or biotech-related science studies;
  • At least 2 years of experience in leading or managing R&D projects in the biotechnology industry; or a medical talent with a molecular biology background; or have independent design and execution of biological experiments; or a graduate who loves life sciences and likes to do experiments;
  • Ability to create clear, succinct, and organized scientific reports
  • Self-motivated and passionate in contributing to the betterment of human life
  • Enjoy problem-solving and critical thinking with an inquisitive mindset
  • Committed, team-oriented and highly value progress and dynamics
  • Good interpersonal, communication and leaderships skills
  • Proficient in English and Chinese languages



  • 领导/参与创新分子诊断项目的开发,包括但不限于:
    • 与上司和关联项目团队就研究目标达成一致;
    • 组织/协调/联合团队成员以科学、合规为原则,设计、评估和优化研发方案和时间计划表;
    • 实施研发方案,合理分配时间及任务,解决过程中出现的问题;
    • 准确记录、批判性地分析/解释实验数据并及时传达结果;
    • 管理研发资源及预算分配,评估可交付成果及阶段性进度;
    • 研发成果的维护和分析评估;
  • 组织/协同团队成员高质高效工作,对所分配的项目/任务的进度和结果负责;
  • 展示研究成果,表达和传递研究思路及建议;
  • 确保所领导/参与的项目目标或任务目标与公司的目标保持一致;
  • 确保所领导/参与的工作和项目团队按照公司相关政策、流程、操作规程、部门/行业/国家/国际标准的要求开展项目研发工作;
  • 执行公司分配的其他工作。


  • 硕士或博士学位,分子生物学、微生物学、分析化学或生物技术等相关专业背景;
  • 在生物科技行业拥有2年以上领导或管理研发项目经验;或是具有分子生物学背景的医学人才;或是具备独立设计和执行生物学实验;或是热爱生命科学、喜欢做实验的应届毕业生……
  • 具有创新意识和科学创造力,独立思考能力和团队合作精神;
  • 高度的责任心和自我驱动力,能够承受一定的工作压力;
  • 积极主动的沟通能力,敢于表达自己的观点,能够创建清晰、简洁、有系统的科学报告;
  • 良好的中/英文口语能力和书面表达能力。