Jointly launched by HKLIFE, DNATECH, and Pangenia
COVID-19 + FluA & B testing kit
- For Laboratories Use Only
Reduce misdiagnosis and mistreatment
Help to detect COVID-19 and FluA & B during the critical flu season
avatar Public
Oh, I am so scared because I got fever and cough. Am I having COVID-19 and/or Flu A & B?

DNATECH's 3 in 1 testing kit allows you to conduct one test for distinguishing COVID-19 and Flu A & B.

avatar Medical
Do I need to purchase additional equipment to perform the test?

No extra effort nor cost to the medical laboratories as long as you have the Real-Time PCR machine.

Why choosing DNA-TECH 3 in 1 kit?



High sensitivity to allow measuring a true positive result accurately



High specificity to allow measuring a true negative result accurately



Ease of use and reasonable price to allow higher testing frequency

Our product is CE certified

CE cert

Products "Made in Hong Kong" were known internationally for their good quality
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