Sample Pooling
Best Practice for large-scale screening

How to use Sample Pooling in testing?

Pool and mix several samples prior to conducting the testing, the pooled sample could be tested with a single test.

Advantages of Sample Pooling

Sample Pooling allows labs to enhance their throughput, but the cost is reduced at the meantime.

  • Fewer tests required to run
  • Fewer testing supplies required to use
  • Fewer manpower required
  • More samples can be tested at the same time

What situation is suitable to use Sample Pooling?

  • The vast majority of tests are negative
  • Testing reagent with high Sensitivity and Specificity

HKLife provides you the best detection reagents



High sensitivity to allow measuring a true positive result accurately



High specificity to allow measuring a true negative result accurately



Ease of use and reasonable price to allow higher testing frequency

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