HKLife’s EFADchip® attains the concept of Lab-on-a-Chip (LOAC). LOAC is a device that integrates one or several laboratory functions on a single integrated circuit (commonly called a "chip") in micro-scale to achieve automation and high-throughput screening LOAC provides a solution to environment such as hospitals and clinics. It is undeniable that the LOAC concept is essential to ultimately achieve POCT.

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HKLife’s EFADchip® platform accelerates the hybridization process from hours to within minutes compare to traditional diagnostic tools. This technology and its designs are patent granted worldwide.

Currently, HKLife is undergoing testing with clinical samples from partnered hospitals such as Beijing Chaoyang Hospital. A full-blown production line can be expected soon in the market and the healthcare system.




Despite the multifactorial nature of various diseases, the universal nucleic acid nature facilitates the EFADchip® technology for detection of both internal or external causal agents. During this stage, we are introducing the following branches of focus:



To show HKLife commitment to quality and excellence, our R&D team is continuously refining and further improving the EFADchip® platform for future expandability.




Scalable Manufacturing Technology

  The production of EFADchip® has great scalability since the materials and labor skills are easily manageable. Most of the process is fully automated and the procedures are the same in essential across all of the aforementioned panels. It is ensured with great quantity and quality of EFADchip® for the market need upon launch and future demand.



Chip Consumption Predictor

Time unit : day    week    month    year

No. of chips per patient : (morning + afternoon + night)

No. of ICU patients per hospital : (Reference: 8)

No. of tetiary hospital with BioRadar® : (Reference: 1360 in China)

 = No. of usage chip consumption per :


Price per chip : USD

 = Revenue from chip consumption per : USD



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